Bingo Blitz

The popularity of bingo and iPhone is creating a huge market for the latest iPhone bingo apps. There are many nice bingo apps for iPhone coming up in the market. You must just find the one that suits you best and download it to your iPhone to get started. Bingo Blitz is one of the most popular iPhone bingo applications available online that can be downloaded from the site for just $1.99.

Bingo Blitz is actually a faster version of the traditional bingo games. For this game, your aim is to cross out all the 25 numbers on your bingo card within the already set number of calls. The draw limit is 20 and the faster you can fill up your cards, the easier you win. All you have to make sure is that you mark the numbers of your cards before your friend does.

The best thing about these iPhone bingo apps is that they offer you the thrill of playing bingo anytime anywhere without losing your hard-earned savings. It is true that there is no real money jackpots involved in these games; however the fun it offers is big to most of the ardent online casino gaming fans.

Bingo Blitz iPhone bingo adds something more to the already appealing online bingo games. It is the best way to have fun when you are with your friends. You can just get your friends and start playing. The game is indeed fast paced. There are 5 numbers drawn for every turn instead of the usual one number.

You have to get all your numbers crossed out in less than 20 calls, beating your friend to it. The wilds can be used for any number in the corresponding column as a match to make you win.

There are also some free draws which can be used for the remaining draws of the game. The sounds animation effects of this game is  brilliant which makes it all the more fun and addictive.